(WHTM) — The first step in lowering your TV bills is for you to contact your provider. If you receive a call to lower your bill, it is likely a scam.

Many people have been getting calls saying their TV or satellite bills can be lowered. But beware!

Tom Hoff, a flower growing enthusiast, says he can’t get a quiet moment from the constant phone calls.

“One day it will be Spectrum, the next day DirecTV,” said Hoff.

The phone calls always promise a cheaper bill in exchange for some simple information. “We’re offering a reduction on your TV. If you get cable for instance. So you might buy into that,” Hoff added.

You may even get voicemails that say, “Your existing account is qualified for 50% off!” But when you call back, they ask for your TV billing account number and PIN. Do not give this information out.

Jackie Wilkinson got a similar call at her home. “He asked do you want to save money. Naturally in this day and age who doesn’t!” said Wilkinson.

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The Better Business Bureau says cell, satellite, and cable providers will never call you about lowering your bill.

If you want to lower your TV or cellphone bill, give your provider a call. But never trust someone who calls you claiming to be your provider.