(WHTM) — So we’re hearing that inflation is finally starting to slow down, and that is great news. Unfortunately, except for gasoline prices, we may not see much in the way of falling prices in the near future.

Inflation appears to have peaked. Prices were up 8.5% this past month from a year ago, better than the 9/1% rate earlier this summer. But, it doesn’t feel much better.

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A new report in Vox: “When will things get cheaper?” said the biggest drop so far has been gas prices down from $5 to $4 nationally.

Lumbers, furniture, exercise bikes, and appliances prices are starting to drop, as demand falls and supply. improves. But used car prices and food prices remained stubbornly high, with food prices up 12% year to year. But, from the “doesn’t that stink” file, The likelihood that prices for services may never come back to pre-pandemic levels, Vox said.

Why? Rising labor costs: A restaurant or roofing company is not going to cut wages so that I can lower its prices. Also, the cost of medical care is unlikely to go down. Rent is also unlikely to get any cheaper unless the US enters a strong recession, which no one really wants.

So, while experts predict inflation will ease this fall, that doesn’t mean prices for many things will return to 2018. As always, don’t waste your money