Where are all the new trucks?

That’s what a growing number of shoppers are asking after visiting dealerships with fewer and fewer pickups on their lots.

A car dealership normally looks full of their hottest selling vehicles, pickup trucks.

But as The Wall Street Journal photos show many dealerships are now empty where those trucks should be parked.

Instead, Ford is now parking thousands of brand new F-150 pickups at the Kentucky Speedway, as well as in lots in Detroit, waiting on computer chips.

Pat and Mike Roeder first spotted them.

“We had seen the trucks coming in last week, and all of a sudden the whole parking lot was full,” Pat Roeder said.

The chip shortage is wreaking havoc with what should be a great year for car sales. Popular pickups and SUV’s are running short, as manufacturers struggle to get parts.

The car dealer’s associations advice?

“If you see one and you think you want it, you should grab it, because it may be gone.”

From the doesn’t that stink file, why you shouldn’t have traded in that old pickup.

The automobile website The Drive says vintage Ford and Chevy pickups from the 70’s or 80’s that used to sell for $5,000 are selling for $50,000 or more!

If you got rid of an old pickup a couple of years ago, you might say that stinks.

The hottest classic car right now is also the hottest new car: pickup trucks.

And they are selling as soon as they hit the lot so move fast so you don’t waste your money.