The battle is on for workers across America. As the economy rebounds, restaurants and other businesses are finding it hard to find people to work right now.

It’s “Help Wanted,” everywhere.

“There are tons of opportunities there, and you don’t know what might happen,” Meggan Jones said.

Jones says she was stunned by how many open positions she found while job hunting this spring.

So many openings, companies are now boosting pay.

“Everyone in our industry is hiring right now, it’s actually hard to find people to work,” restaurant owner Jose Salazar said.

Salazar is struggling to find chefs and servers for his three restaurants. Randy Reichelderfer is facing the same fight.

“It’s frustrating. You can’t get people to show up. You can’t get … you can’t hire people,” Reichelderfer said.

To find and keep good employees, restaurants have to offer more perks these days.

Chipotle says it has one of the best retention rates in the business because of its college tuition reimbursement program for many of its workers.

The National Restaurant Association blames three things on the hiring dilemma: First, people are still afraid to work in a close restaurant environment; Also, workers are switching from cooking and serving to driving for Door Dash and Uber Eats; Finally, because of unemployment benefits that often exceed pay for some jobs.

“In our opinion, it takes away the urgency of coming out and seeking viable employment,” said John Barker, of the Restaurant Association.

The restaurant group hopes the worker pool expands in the fall, as benefits finally run out.

Until then, plenty of openings are still available.