Never bring these things to Disney World or Disneyland

Don't Waste Your Money

Summer vacation season is starting, and as almost all travelers know, Disney World and Disneyland are the happiest places on earth.

Unless, that is, you try to bring in an item that is banned from their parks.

If you are heading to Disney, you need to know about some things you cannot bring there.

Reader’s Digest recently listed a number of things that people try to bring in but either have to toss in the trash or carry back to the car.

Among them:
– Drones: Leave them home.
– Folding chairs: You need to use their benches.
– Wagons: Sorry, strollers only.
– Wrapped birthday gifts: You’ll need to unwrap them to bring them in to that Princess party
– Large coolers: Small ones are OK.
– Suitcases:  Why would you roll in a suitcase? But people try.
– Selfie sticks: Thank you!
– Musical instruments, which means you can’t play along with the parade music.
– Your cat or dog. Sorry Fido. He must stay in the hotel (if they allow him there).

And from the “doesn’t that stink file,” something people try to bring in all the time, that will be turned away: a loved one’s ashes in an urn.

People still try to spread them outside Haunted Mansion around Cinderella’s Castle or in the water in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Spend all that money to take Uncle Bob to the park, and you’ll say doesn’t that stink?

Leave his ashes home, or spread him in the ocean.

Still unsure?  Check the Disney parks website, or read some of the many theme park forums out there, so you’re not surprised and you don’t waste your money.


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