PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — With the summer travel season coming, most people are starting to plan their annual summer vacation.

With that, many are looking at gas prices. They are on the rise again, and Pennsylvania is no exception.

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According to AAA, the national average is 3.63/g. However, Pennsylvania’s gas price average is almost 10 cents more, hovering at $3.76/g. Gas prices around the commonwealth range from $3.89/g in Greene County, to $3.69/g in Bedford County.

In the Harrisburg area. GasBuddy states that gas prices have risen 7.1 cents per gallon in the last week, averaging around $3.73/g as of Monday, April 17. GasBuddy states that this is almost 16 cents higher than prices were last month. But, they are 40 cents cheaper than they were at this time last year. Gas prices in the Harrisburg area in April 2022 were around $4.14/g.

According to AAA, the main culprit in the rise of gas prices has to do with the high cost of oil, which is hovering in the low $80s per barrel. AAA also said that the national average has risen daily since March 29.

Pennsylvania is included in a list of the highest gas markets in the nation, behind California, Hawaii, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Illinois, Oregon, and Alaska.