YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — As gas prices rise again, the skyrocketing cost of home fuel oil is also taking its toll on Midstate homeowners.

Typically around this time of the spring season, homeowners would stock up on home heating oil, but high prices might bring that to a pause.

“Heating oil prices are the highest we have seen to date, period,” Laura Greenholt with Shipley Energy said.

Energy companies can understand why many consumers are not looking to stock up on heating oil. According to the United States Energy Information Administration, heating oil averages $5 and up.

The increase in fuel oil costs can be a burden to many Midstate homeowners, but there are proactive measures that can be useful in combating high prices.

“Another way that customers can tackle it is by getting a tune-up. We recommend that customers get not only furnace tune-ups but essentially make sure your system runs at peak efficacy,” Greenholt said.

Recommendations include conserving energy as much as possible, enrolling in a cap price program (depending on the energy company), or even switching to propane.

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“So propane is actually more efficient. All the furnaces run at a more efficient level than heating level furnaces. It’s also a cheaper fuel, so if they don’t have the ability to switch to a natural gas, propane could be a really good option,” Greenholt said.

Lastly, do your best to know what you plan to spend, Greenholt advises.

“So if you go on a budget plan, you would essentially spread your cost out for 12 months, which makes it a little easier than getting that big sticker shock invoice at one time,” Greenholt said.

Energy experts say since prices have gone up in the winter and even more in the spring, there’s no telling when prices will decline.