(WHTM) — A fourth Midstate farm has been impacted by the Avian Influenza and the impact on both the birds and the farmers is clearly devastating. But what about consumers? Are poultry and egg prices set to surge even higher?

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Department of Agricultural Secretary Russell Redding confirms prices continue going in the wrong direction. When asked how important Lancaster County avian flu cases are to the prices we specifically pay here in the Midstate, Redding said, “We appreciate local markets and we’re lucky to be close, close to home here. But understand, we’re the 28th state with High-Pathogenic Avian Influenza. So this is played out in Iowa. It’s been in Minnesota. So that has pulled prices up generally because of poultry, eggs.”

While a global market is causing the prices everywhere to rise, the epidemic that has killed millions of chickens locally in April and tens of millions across the nation is not the main thing driving up poultry and egg prices.

“The bigger issue for us right now is the war in Ukraine, right? It is having a significant impact on grain prices, and grain is probably the, you know, the most significant influence influencer of price of any agricultural product, but poultry particularly,” Redding explained.

As for avian flu, Redding said the good news is that the fourth farm with cases is within the Lancaster County containment area that the department previously set up. So, in that sense, the system worked and the outbreak is still contained.

Redding remains hopeful the end of the springtime migration might bring with it an end to the national outbreak.