LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Weiser’s Market is a local staple. Like many businesses, it was thrown curveball after curveball because of the pandemic. From staffing shortages to supply chain disruptions, they felt and still feel the strain.

“Almost like a rollercoaster. We’ve been experiencing outages for the last year-and-half now but it comes and goes in waves,” owner Laura Weiser Kauffman said.

It’s also one of many stores in Lancaster County struggling to keep their products stocked up.

“We went a couple weeks where we couldn’t get gallons of water. Now we have gallons of water. Or with our meat department, we’ll have a couple of weeks where there is a certain meat product that is really expensive, beef prices go up,” Kauffman said.

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The shelves aren’t as bare as they were last year but grocery stores are going without popular and essential items.

“Some of the paper items. Just certain items that seem to be getting really low and the shelves are getting kind of empty here,” resident Kathi Logan said.

A sentiment shared by Kauffman, who says customers go from store to store in search of items.

“We often hear no one has that right now or we’ll have customers come in and say I can’t believe you have this. I can’t find it anywhere,” Kauffman said.

She believes it’s not so much a food shortage, but more like a breakdown in the supply chain.

“Anywhere from not getting the ingredients to not having staff to work to not having truck drivers to deliver and stores not having the staff to put it on the shelves,” Kauffman said.