LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — From gas to water, price hikes are on the way. It’s all happening during the holiday season, and at a time when inflation, supply chain problems, and high prices at the gas pump are already putting a big strain on people’s wallets.

“Not everyone has the means to pay an extra ten dollars every single month when everybody is already struggling,” Hilary Deforge said. 

This is a very real possibility this holiday season. As winter arrives, it’s typical to pay more for heat.

But that increase might be more prominent this year as UGI Utilities is set to increase rates on Dec. 1, sending the average bill from $89 up to $98. For many, the timing couldn’t be worse.

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“You already pay enough in rent in most cities and now you have to pay for all over your utilities that are usually not included,” Deforge added.

Your gas bill isn’t the only thing likely to go up. PPL has been warning of increases in electric bills, and now the Lancaster City Bureau of Water is proposing a 21 percent increase, which will also affect 30,000 customers in neighboring communities. Add it all up, and it’s a real problem for a lot of people.

“We used to go out and our standard lunch was $20. now our standard lunch is $40, going to a home depot you will lumbar prices have doubled. Everyone feels the gas prices but that’s only one piece,” Dr. Harvey Levine said.