(NEXSTAR) – Don’t worry, the Crunchy Double isn’t nearly as intimidating as it sounds.

McDonald’s will soon be expanding its menu to include four “new takes” on some of its most popular menu items, each of which is said to be inspired by fans who “hacked” the McDonald’s menu to create their own food mashups over the years.

What’s more, McDonald’s will be allowing customers to order each item “by name” — or rather, the unofficial nickname that each sandwich goes by on social media.  

Included among these items, McDonald’s will be offering the following four sandwiches:

  • Hash Brown McMuffin: A McMuffin with a sausage patty, egg and a hash brown (available during breakfast hours only)
  • The Crunchy Double: A McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger augmented with Chicken McNuggets and barbecue sauce   
  • Land, Air & Sea: A Big Mac frankensteined together with a McChicken and a Filet-o-Fish
  • Surf + Turf: A Double Cheeseburger with components from the Filet-o-Fish (only available via the McDonald’s app or McDelivery)

It should be noted, though, that there are several caveats to the latest McDonald’s promotion. For starters, the employees at McDonald’s won’t be building these sandwiches for customers, but rather providing “all the menu items” that a customer might need to create their own. It’s also unclear if there’s any discount in pricing for those who order one of the “hacked” items, as opposed to ordering all the necessary components separately.

Customers can begin ordering these “craveable combos” starting on Jan. 31, but only at participating restaurants, and only for a limited time.

The idea of “hacking” the McDonald’s menu, meanwhile, is nothing new. Fans have been sharing their own ideas for off-the-menu munchies for years, usually via the internet or on social media. McDonald’s however, has yet to officially recognize some of the most persistent ideas from the fan community — namely, the “Apple Pie McFlurry,” made by blending a Baked Apple Pie into a McFlurry, and the “Mc10:35”, a mashup of a McMuffin and a McDouble (and named for the time of day when both items might’ve been available available to customers prior to McDonald’s announcing its all-day breakfast initiative).