(WHTM) — The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission announced on August 3 that Maggie’s Farm Bed Bug & Flea Killer cans have been recalled due to a laceration and injury hazard.

According to the commission, the pressurized aerosol cans can rupture and expel shrapnel, leading to potential injury and laceration hazards to consumers.

Leakage of can contents can also lead to skin and eye irritation upon contact.

The recall includes Maggie’s Farm Bed Bug & Flea Killer 14-ounce aerosol cans. The cans are green with a red target and bar and the Maggie’s Farm logo.

The commission says consumers should stop using the cans immediately and contact Maggie’s Farm for a refund. To receive the refund, customers need to take a photo of the recalled can and lot code (printed on the bottom), wrap the can in a plastic bag or several layers of paper, and dispose of it in the trash.

Consumers are warned to use caution and avoid skin and eye contact if the can appears to be leaking.

The photo of the can, the consumer’s contact information and a written confirmation of disposal of the can should be emailed to Maggie’s Farm at info@maggiesfarmproducts.com to receive a full refund.

There have been four reports of cans rupturing, according to Maggie’s farm, but no reported injuries.

The cans were sold at Meijer, Big Y, Stop & Shop, Woodman’s, and defense commissaries nationwide and online at maggiesfarmproducts.com, Walmart.com, and Amazon.com for between about $6 and $12.