(WHTM) — A new scam is making its way around the country, but this time it involves air travelers.

According to AAA Central Penn, the scam targets people who are looking for an airline’s phone number online due to their flight either being canceled or delayed. Certain numbers that look like the airline’s real phone number are actually for an unrelated third party.

This third party will ask for reservation information and a credit card number to pay for a “service fee” or a price difference between flights. AAA says that these fees are in excess of hundreds of dollars.

Because of this scam, AAA recommends the following:

  • If your flight is delayed or canceled while you are at the airport, talk to a gate agent in person or use the airline’s app.
  • If you prefer to call the airline, use the toll-free number that appears on their website.
  • An airline will not charge you for a canceled or delayed flight, according to AAA.
  • Prior to a trip, download the airline’s app and save their toll-free number on your phone

AAA also recommends working with a travel agent or buying travel insurance which will cover expenses such as hotels or meals in case a flight is delayed or canceled.