If you’re thinking about traveling this holiday season you might want to book sooner rather than later.

“The reason why it’s a good idea to think about booking your holiday flights now is the same reason why swimsuits are cheapest in the winter and coats are going to be cheapest in the summer,” Scott Keyes, founder and owner of Scott’s Cheap Flights said.

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“Always booking opposite season when you’re hoping to travel during a peak travel period is the best way to get cheap flights,” Scott said adding that airlines are becoming increasingly flexible during the pandemic.

“Airlines kind of quietly during the pandemic changed their policies so that unlike before, when you had to pay hundreds of dollars in order to change your travel dates, now, when you book a flight, you can change your travel dates without paying any penalty at all,” Keyes added.

If you don’t yet have plans for the week of Thanksgiving, consider a trip overseas instead of those pricey domestic flights.

“One of my favorite little tricks about holiday travel is that Thanksgiving is the hidden best week for cheap international flights,” Keyes said. “You see airlines really slashing the price on overseas flights.”

Keyes says that you shouldn’t wait until the last minute in order to try to get a good deal on holiday tickets.

“Don’t hold out hope that they’re going to get cheaper in the last few weeks, that you’re going to get some sort of great last-minute deal. It almost never happens nowadays,” Keyes said. “It used to be true 30 or 40 years ago. Nowadays, the price almost always gets more expensive in the last four or six weeks before travel.”

Another reason that now is a good time to book those flights — business travel is down because many conferences and meetings are being done virtually. As a result of these cancellations, airlines are dropping prices to fill those seats.