(WHTM) — We’re gearing up for the biggest shopping events of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But with shortages and price issues, this year will be like no other.

“Shoppers saw over two billion ‘out of stock’ messages in the month of October alone,” Wirecutter Senior Deals Editor Nathan Burrow said. “What that means for shoppers this season is that you may see fewer deals, you may see higher prices on the deals that are present.”

Burrow says while this year will be difficult, not all hope is lost.

“Black Friday is not canceled, there are still going to be a good number of products that we think will be well discounted this year,” he said.

Game consoles, hot apparel and toys will be the hardest to keep in stock this holiday season. You may want to buy those ahead of the actual Black Friday sales.

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“Best Buy, Newegg, and Target are three notable retailers that are offering some form of price protection guarantee where if the price drops lower prior to Black Friday they will match that pricing for you so folks can shop strategically,” he said. “Chromebooks were overproduced during the distance learning period. There are a lot of them out there. If you’re still in the market for one you can find excellent bargains this year.”

Burrow says you’ll be able to save big on home audio this year. Speakers, headphones and earbuds will be discounted.

“We’re still seeing deals on TVs and laptops. They may not be as great as prior years but you can still find them. What I would say is if you’re looking for the very latest and greatest, you may not be able to find it this year exceptionally discounted. You should probably expect to pay full price for those,” he said.

“Every year during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, there’s going to be a slate of low-quality items that are out there that are deeply discounted and a bad item is a bad deal at any price,” he also warned.

Getting value out of your purchases is so important, don’t get caught up in the sales.

“There’s going to be some work to be done to separate the great deals from everyday discounts or mediocre discounts so we just recommend shopping with a critical eye,” Burrow said.

The hardest-to-find gifts this holiday season will be the PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox series X. Bikes are also in high demand, get those whenever you can find them.