(WHTM) — Thanksgiving is here, and while many are getting ready for a big feast, it’s also a big weekend for shopping. The deals will be out there, but what should you buy on Black Friday, and what should you wait to get on Cyber Monday?

As for Black Friday, the shopping experts at BlackFriday.com say this is the best time to buy toys. Popular toys can sell out quickly, so it’s best to grab these as soon as you can.

The same goes for gaming consoles. The PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox are still very popular. Last year, stores couldn’t keep them on the shelves. This year they’re still in demand, so don’t expect a ton of discounts. You may be able to snag a console bundled with a game, but do your research to make sure you’re actually getting a good deal — sometimes you’re better off buying them separately if you can.

Black Friday is also a great time to buy small appliances. Expect 50% off on pressure cookers and air fryers. Look for deep savings on blenders, as well.

As for Cyber Monday, that’s a great time to buy clothes. Many retailers will have deals for Black Friday but will slash prices even more on Cyber Monday as they work to clear out their inventory. If you put an item in your cart and leave it there, some stores will send you an additional promo code to sweeten the deal.

Now is also a good time to think about your next big trip. Travel is back, and it’s expensive. Cyber Monday and the next day, Travel Tuesday, are known for being great times to find deals online, including flight packages, hotels, cruises, and more.

And one more hidden gem — online subscriptions and streaming services usually have discounts on Cyber Monday.

Regardless of when you shop, experts have this advice to maximize your savings this holiday season:

“There’s deals all throughout the month and even after,” said BlackFriday.com shopping expert Shannon Dwyer, “so my best advice would be to sign up for the newsletter for the retailer that you really want to shop, and they will send you all your deals exactly when they come out so you can be the first to save and definitely have things not go out of stock.”

“Secondly, I would say sign up for RetailMeNot’s deal finder, which is a Chrome extension that you can download right to your computer, so whenever you’re shopping online, it’ll add all the promo codes right to your cart without you having to do anything,” Dwyer recommended.

There are some items that are good to buy on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They include smart home devices — prices on items like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home tend to fall for the entirety of Thanksgiving weekend.

There are also typically specials on phones all weekend. Shoppers should also be able to find deals for laptops, tablets, and computers, as well as accessories like external storage, memory cards, keyboards, and headphones.