(WHTM) — Many young people are graduating college this time of year and are now ready to look for their dream jobs. But for many that dream turns into a nightmare, because they don’t know how to make that happen.

Finding a job at any age can be very stressful, but when you are launching your career, it can be particularly difficult. Kathleen Quinn Votaw is the CEO of Talent Trust with 30 years of experience in the recruitment industry.

Votaw said do not just “post and pray”, but to do research on a company.

“They don’t teach you how to go get a job in college. I believe there should be a class on how do I go do this, and they don’t know where to start.” Votaw said. “Put some effort into who do you want to work with versus just applying for the job title.”

Votaw suggests instead of just posting your application online, deliver it in person or even mail it directly to the CEO.

“The owner of a small mid-market private company; they’re not going to ignore somebody that has the chutzpah to send a cover letter and resume directly and say ‘Look I admire your company. I’m an emerging leader just starting out.’ You’ll at least get the conversation. And this is a really important point part of getting a job: making sure you’re talking to a lot of people,” Votaw said.

Networking is crucial. Votaw says to be sure to have that elevator pitch.

“Who are you? What are you trying to accomplish? Don’t forget to say ‘How can I help you’ and get them to talk to you. Then it will be a very natural conversation,” Votaw said.

When you get that job interview, Votaw says to make sure you ask questions.

“Remember that you are interviewing the potential employer as much as they’re interviewing you, so it’s impressive when someone is curious about the company and the role,” Votaw said.

The bottom line? You can’t land that dream job by hiding in the back of the pack.

“You can choose to be in a pile of resumes that show up in somebody’s email box that they may look at over the course of a week or two or you could distinguish yourself,” Votaw said.

If you are too intimidated to show up in person or call, at the very least reach out on social media such as LinkedIn and speaking of social media, Votaw said like it or not, employers will be looking at yours, so be mindful what you post.