(WHTM) — With inflation driving up the cost of everything, it is important to stay on top of your money. As always, technology can help.

With so many apps out there for keeping track of your money, it can be easy to get lost.

Payment apps, credit monitoring apps, and budgeting apps are just a few of the apps you can use to help you with your money.

“Regardless of whether you’re trying to save up for a big purchase, spend less in the new year, or maybe pay down debt… you really want to streamline it by finding one app that does everything for you.”

That’s one of the reasons digital banking is booming. Long gone are the days of having to physically go to your local branch to get any banking done.

Budgeting expert Andrea Woroch says you can do so much more with these mobile banking apps than just checking your account balances and depositing checks.

“You can check your credit score, so that would be a really helpful feature for a lot of people. [You can] set automatic savings so if you’re planning a big purchase, a trip, a car… setting those automatic savings is really going to help you reach those goals,” said Woroch.

Setting a budget and sticking to one can be tough. However, these apps can help you stay on top of your finances.

“A lot of people think of budgets as being restrictive, but they actually allow you to use your money in more meaningful ways, and make sure that you’re not wasting it on purchases or services or expenses that really don’t benefit you and benefit your family,” said Woroch.

Another reason that these apps are so popular is because they’re time savers. You can use them for your everyday financial tasks.

“For day-to-day things that you can do from home, it can just add some ease to your life and make managing your finances a little bit more simple,” stated Woroch.

When it comes to the future of banking, what should we expect?

Woroch said that mobile banking apps will only continue to gain popularity. “I really do believe more and more people are going to be using mobile banking apps in their everyday lives and it’s going to go beyond the day-to-day transactions… book travel, apply for mortgages, even get a car loan, all within the app.”