(WHTM) — Thanksgiving is almost here but this year, supply issues could end up taking a bite out of your meal before you even get to the table.

By now you’ve probably noticed, grocery stores aren’t as full as they usually are and food prices are on the rise.

“In the food retail sector what we’re trying to do is keep our shelves stocked with the products our customers are looking for and try to mitigate the price increases as much as possible,” President and CEO of Food Industry Association Leslie Sarasin said.

“It’s hard to say [if it’ll continue], a lot of it depends on how well we are able to manage the supply chain challenges we’re dealing with right now so how long this will last is difficult. We do believe it is a short-term challenge,” Sarasin said.

Sarasin also blames this on an increased demand caused by the pandemic.

“Last year we were all at home and we were all cooking at home, I think we will continue to see a good bit of celebrations with family at home..perhaps even more than we did prior to the pandemic,” Sarasin said.

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And what does that mean about Thanksgiving?

“There are periodic shortages in some areas, it is difficult to predict when those will happen, where they will happen or what kinds of products they will happen with,” Sarasin said.

Ocean Spray says its ever-popular side dish cranberry sauce is very much affected by the supply chain issue. There’s a shortage of aluminum cans.

Other staples like gravy and refrigerated pies may also be harder to find. But what about the main attraction?

“Turkeys are available, they’re going to be available. As we shop for turkeys we may not find exactly the size we’re looking for, the brand we’re looking for but turkeys are available,” Sarasin said.

Smaller birds are going fast but you should be able to find one.

“Many of our grocers purchase their turkeys early in the season before we saw so much of the price increases, so there may not be a significant increase in price at all,” Sarasin said.

As with everything this year, the best advice is to plan ahead and shop early. And most importantly, don’t panic.

“There’s plenty of food in the system, there are going to be plenty of options for us when we do our shopping. We need to plan ahead but we certainly don’t have to be panicked or concerned in any way at this point,” Sarasin said.

Other tips include taking advantage of loyalty programs at grocery stores. Don’t be afraid to use store brands, which may be cheaper and more available. And use the in-store dieticians to get advice about meal planning and any substitutions you may want to consider.