(WHTM) — We’ve been talking a lot about how hard it will be to find certain items this holiday season, sending gifts will be challenging too.

The question is, how equipped are major delivery services like FedEx for the holiday season? And what can I do to make things easier?

“In 2020 we saw record-breaking online shopping and this year is expected to be even higher,” FedEx’s Jenny Robertson said. She says 80% of Americans plan to shop online this holiday season.

“What can people do to make sure they get those packages on time? First of all shop and ship early. I can’t emphasize that enough you need to start doing your holiday shipping now because you just want peace of mind when the season comes around so you have already taken care of that,” Robertson said.

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She also suggests using the company’s delivery manager to take control of your deliveries, where you can track your packages and send them to another location to keep them safe.

“You could have it sent to a FedEx office, a Walgreens, a Dollar General. And that keeps it off of your porch from those porch pirates or even your own kids you don’t want them seeing what you’ve been buying,” Robertson said.

As for FedEx they know they’ll be very busy this year but they say they’ve been preparing and they’re ready.

“We know that this is our Super Bowl, this is the biggest time of the year for us we call it peak and what we’ve been doing is hiring. We’re hiring 90,000 people to help deliver the holidays,” Robertson said.

The company is also expanding facilities, adding sorting machines and delivering seven days a week.

The supply chain problems are also going to be a big obstacle with getting items on time this holiday season.

The goal is to get things moving.

“If all of these stakeholders can come to the table and increase the amount that they are doing and working then we can double what we are doing once they get it to us,” Robertson said.

As for consumers, if you’re thinking about shipping a gift, you still have time.

“As long as you have it in the network by December 15th you’re safe. Of course, you’re going to pay more the closer you get. We do have express services as well but the earlier you can do it, the better,” Robertson said. “Prepare. Be ready as early as you can for this season.”

FedEx is still looking to hire more workers to get them through the holiday season, which you can view here.