We’re still talking about holiday shopping in August. Last week, I told you how important it is to shop now because of supply issues.

Experts are also saying you should start now before the upcoming shipping surcharges. Getting those packages out is going to cost you a lot more.

It may not be too early to start planning your holiday shopping, several mail carriers across the country announcing shipping price increases heading your way in the coming months.

FedEx, UPS and the United States Postal Service all announcing temporary peak surcharges and fees coming later in the fall that will affect the upcoming holiday season.

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FedEx announcing a $1.50 per piece price hike for ground economy packages while the USPS announced between a $0.25 and $5 price hike depending on the product and its weight.

These surcharges taking effect between October and January of next year.

The increase in prices come a year and a half after the pandemic started, leaving mail carriers to deal with labor shortages and increased demand due to online shopping.

“The real challenge comes from how the products are getting to the stores. So, while the CEO of Target can say they have $2 billion worth of inventory coming to the stores, no one is addressing how that product is getting to the stores,” said Hitha Herzong, retail analyst.

These new delivery surcharges adding pressure to retailers across the country as they must decide whether to absorb these price hikes or pass them on to the consumer.

The best way to be sure you beat the shipping trouble this holiday season — buy early and plan ahead.

One additional way you can beat some of those higher costs is by going easy on the packaging. In many cases it’s based on weight, so your surcharge may be less if you pack a little lighter.

Another suggestion, you can do the return to store method to save on shipping costs of returns.