(WHTM) — The holiday season is here, and that means shopping! Here are some ideas and ways to save.

Content creator Jacques Slade knows a thing or two about shopping and trends. His sneaker unboxing videos get millions of views. He says a big trend this holiday season is DIY.

“A lot of people are going to be doing things on their own, whether it’s changing a sink or changing a faucet, changing locks on your door. This whole DIY movement is really gaining steam, and I think people are going to be really excited about it, and they can do all of those sort of things,” Slade said.

Whether you’re shopping for experiences or traditional gifts, money will be a factor.

“I think when you’re looking for deals, there are a lot of price comparison tools out there, and that will help you find and make sure you’re getting the best price,” Slade said.

Price comparison apps will help you track the biggest bargains. You can also get a price comparison tool added right to your web browser. Another tip to save cash: shop around and look at different brands.

“Make sure you’re looking through clearance items. A lot of times, the clearance items are things that look just as good or are just as good as things before, but maybe you didn’t think about those because you wanted the hottest/latest/newest. There’s a lot of deals out there for things like that,” Slade said.

If you’re still looking for gift ideas, electronics are always hot. Slade says this year’s big seller is headphones. “People use them all the time, whether they’re working out, whether they’re working, whether they’re on Zoom calls. There’s always a use for headphones and getting the new ones that have the latest Bluetooth technology,” he said.

As far as sneakers go, Slade says retro sneakers are popular right now. He says sneakers make a great gift because everyone could use a pair. If you are shopping for sneakers, expect to spend anywhere from $75 to around $200 for the really popular brands.