We’ve been talking a lot about buying a home this summer but that’s not just a boom for the real estate market. It’s also creating a demand for another business — movers.

“The number of people moving across the country is unbelievable and it’s putting a big strain on the moving industry itself,” said Matt McCollum, director of business development at hireahelper.com, which is an online marketplace that connects people looking for movers with professional movers in their area.

Matt says moving vans and trucks are in high demand right now and it’s not just because of people moving. Those trucks are also being used for delivering freight due to the massive pandemic-related shipping delays.

All of this is making moving a lot more expensive. “It’s making consumers have to look for alternative solutions for moving such as renting trucks, containers, and just having a DIY move where they might have a local moving company help them with loading and unloading those vehicles but not the full service move people are used to,” said McCollum.

When it comes to hiring a mover, what is it that people should know?

“The first thing is read reviews. If you can’t find a review on a moving company, move on,” said McCollum. “There’s a reason there’s no reviews. The moving industry has been known for bad operators that can hold people’s items hostage, that don’t do a good job, or they change the price halfway through the move.”

The cost of a move will vary depending on the type of move you’re doing. One way to save is to book early.

“If you’ve got to move this moving season, you should be booking as far in advance as you can. That’s going to get you on the mover’s calendar, secure your spot and i would stay in touch with the mover every couple of weeks leading up to the move to make sure you get the right crew and they show up on time and they do a great job for you.”

Another important tip — don’t pay up-front!

“Any mover that asks for a deposit, run away. That’s not something that’s typical in the moving industry so don’t pay that,” says Matt. “The last thing is if you don’t have it in writing, it’s not real. Make sure you get a contract or something that states what the price you discussed is going to be.”

Moving is a big and costly process, so make sure you’re working with people you can trust.

“One of the best things consumers can do and they don’t know a lot about — all moving companies are regulated by the state’s household goods authority and you can do that through a quick google search,” added McCollum. “Ask for their dot number and see if they are a registered mover and up to date on their licenses and insurances.”

Last year, Americans lost $2 million to moving scams. so it’s very important you research any company you hire. 

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