(WHTM) — You’ve heard of Christmas in July. Well, for shoppers, Amazon Prime Day, which kicks off on Tuesday, is Black Friday in July.

“It’s going to be that last opportunity before Black Friday itself to snag some of the lowest prices of the year,” said Kristin McGrath, shopping expert with BlackFriday.com.

Amazon is offering some of the deepest deals in tech, fashion, appliances, and more. It is an event that members look forward to all year.

“Prime day is in the dead zone of summer between the Fourth of July and Labor Day and Black Friday. Generally, there’s not a lot going on sales-wise so Prime Day jumps in offers a whole bunch of sales,” McGrath said.

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It is not just Amazon. Many other retailers, like Target, Walmart, and Best Buy, get in on the action too with big sales.

“The prices of everything are going up. Are you seeing a correlation between that and the people excited for Prime Day? Will there be less people shopping or will they be spending less money? It seems that while a lot of people plan to shop Prime Day, consumers are already thinking about cutting back. Last year we found on average people planned to spend more than $500 on Prime Day and this year they say there’s going to spend in the mid $300s,” McGrath explained.

A new survey shows a whopping 88% of Americans plan to shop on Prime Day and 47% specifically wait until Prime Day to make their biggest purchases of the year. While tech is the major selling point, the day is also a great time to pick up the boring stuff you need as well.

“Amazon offers everything from grocery discounts to things you need for your pantry to at-home essentials to clothing and some of those items that might not make headlines but people can’t afford as much as they could in the past due to inflation,” McGrath said.

McGrath explains, however, that Prime Day is not always the best on everything when it comes to deals, “especially in the gaming realm if you’re thinking you’re going to snag a really good deal on a gaming console. Those are still very popular.”

So, is Prime Day worth the hype?

“From what I’ve seen there are good deals to be had, consumers really do need to be smart though this isn’t the time to get a bunch of impulse buys because there will be some random deals on things you truly don’t need,” McGrath explained.

Amazon Prime Day begins Tuesday and runs through Wednesday. Target’s deal days begin on Monday and wrap up on Wednesday, and Walmart’s Deals for Days is going on as of Monday.