When it comes to money, who do you want to manage yours? More and more Americans are turning to robots.

“We know as humans that we tend to be irrational when it comes to managing our money. Too often our emotions interfere with our ability to make really sound choices.”

In fact, a recent survey by Oracle shows 2 out of 3 consumers and business leaders would more trust a robot to manage their finances than a human — even themselves!

“They don’t have bad days, they don’t allow their emotions, there are no emotions. It’s strictly data driven and logical and when it comes to aspects of our financial lives, that’s what we need. We can’t afford to let our emotions interfere.”

Farnoosh Torabi is a finance expert and host of the “So Money” podcast.

She says there are already many examples of robots and A.I. managing our money whether we realize it or not.

“I have in my phone right now a number of apps from my bank to all these different kinds of innovative apps that help me budget, help me track my spending, give me a sense of my net worth at any moment in the day,” Torabi said.

Retirement account websites ask you a variety of questions and based on your answers, the computer formulates a portfolio for you.

“The best way to manage your money — it’s not about having an MBA, it’s not about having a whiz brain when it comes to investing. It’s about discipline, it’s about having a healthy relationship with your money, and as humans we can trip ourselves up on that part, we have a lot of baggage when it comes to having a healthy relationship with money. Technology can step in and do the work for us.”

“You may have people who hear this and say ‘robots handling my money’ and be very afraid of that, what is it you would say to put them at ease? The robots are only as good as the humans — so the humans have to develop the technology to direct the robots, to give them the programming to understand how to work with us and our money.”

This technology will only become an even bigger part of our lives. It’s a time saver and a cost saver.

“In many facets of our financial lives when it comes to making investment choices when it comes to saving, automation works taking the responsibility out of our hands. It may sound crazy but it actually ensures that we do the thing. We have an app that saves for us, a website that creates our portfolio for us that works.”

Farnoosh says while the industry is becoming more tech-driven, it does not mean human financial advisors will be going away.

They still play an important role.