(WHTM) — The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching and TVs are always popular buys.

Every year they seem to get bigger and better.

There are more than 200 million Smart TVs in homes all across the U.S. and this year’s trend is versatility.

“In 2023 I think we’ve seen more than ever that TV’s are coming out with less cable and more modes of interoperability, so you can connect them with any type of device. You can connect them with your cell phone, with your laptop, bluetooth pairing devices of any kind, anything that can screen cast,” Grace Venes-Escaffi, Senior Coordinator of Industry Communications at the Consumer Technology Association said.

Venes-Escaffi has been meeting with industry leaders ahead of their big consumer electronics show in January. She says the days of just using your TV to watch you favorite shows are over.

“It’s not so much a one-sided viewing experience anymore, TV’s are really built as computers in their own right to create a two-way sort of portal. I think people have really seen that in the rise of gaming and being able to access online-hosted servers for their favorite video games through their TV sets,” she said.

TVs come in all shapes and sizes and have more uses than ever before.

“During the past couple of years we’ve really seen a rise in fitness content. Peloton is even developing apps for Android and smart TV sets so you can have your personal trainer in the living room with you, as well as telehealth that’s something looking forward, we’re going to be able in the next few generations of televisions to even have remote doctor visits from your TV set from your living room,” Venes-Escaffi said.

If you’re planning to buy a new TV, she also has some suggestions.

“I think something to really consider is just your space because I think people have more options than we’ve ever had. There’s truly a television set for every need, whether you need a 65 inch screen or a 98 inch TCL to make a huge home theater setup for yourself,” she said

Depending on the size, TV’s can come in a wide range of prices from a couple hundred dollars for the most basic to $7,000 for that giant 98 inch TV.

If you’re looking to buys once, this is the time to do it.

“I think with Black Friday right around the corner I think when people are looking at deals they are looking to be able to go a little bit bigger as far as screen sizes. I think the 65 inch is perfect for your average home needs,” Venes-Escaffi said.

Holiday sales, of course, aren’t just limited to TVs.

“We anticipate seeing a rise in gifting of accessories whether that’s bluetooth headphones or software, so gifting a year of your favorite streaming service, Apple TV for example,” she said

Even though we are constantly on the go, and can use our phones to watch videos at our fingertips, TVs are still incredibly popular.

“Especially as the cooler fall months are coming curl up with the family, put on a nice fall-time show Gilmore Girls or put on a christmas movie and really have a good group experience, it is really something that still unites us,” Venes-Escaffi.

TVs are also lasting longer — since manufacturers can now send software updates directly to them.

The average lifespan of a TV is about 5 to 10 years.