(WHTM) — Spring has sprung, and that has many people already thinking ahead to summer vacation. The time to start planning for that trip is now.

The travel rush is on! Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon said after the pandemic, many people started taking trips again last year, and even more will do so this year.

“We’ve been shut up inside for a long time and now everybody wants to get out, all at the same time,” Greaves-Gabbadon said. “You’ve got high demand, but you’ve got higher prices. You’re going to have to start to prepare, plan and save earlier than you would have.”

So, when we’re thinking about taking a trip this summer, when is the best time to book that trip?

“That’s a really good question. The window changes, but right now the sweet spot domestically is between 28 and 35 days in advance of your trip. If you’re thinking of going internationally up to 6 months in advance. Honestly, my best advice doesn’t wait for a sale, sign up, do an online tracker, and track the prices. When you see something you can afford, pounce,” Greaves-Gabbadon added.

Greaves-Gabbadon said to buy a refundable ticket. That way if the price drops, you can get your money back for that ticket and rebook it at the lower price. Another trend for this year is multi-generational trips.

During the pandemic, many grandparents especially missed out on a big family trip. If you are planning one, you are asked to keep this in mind.

First of all, you don’t want to go that far…or at least you don’t want to go somewhere where you’re making connecting flights that are hard on little ones and older people in your family,” Greaves-Gabbadon said.

Greaves-Gabbadon also said to check out family-focused resorts, and hotels with something for everyone.

“Think about villas and vacation properties. Demand for those properties is very high right now and it’s exactly because of that. You can have privacy and you can be together and do everything you want to do,” Greaves-Gabbadon said.

But, there is good news this year when it comes to rental cars.

“There are more cars out there this spring and summer than there were last year…you still need to book now but know that you’ll have more choices,” Greaves-Gabbadon said.

Greaves-Gabbadon has one more piece of advice for all summer travelers.

“Whenever you go into a large room with lots of lines always go left. Why? Because most people are right-handed and we tend to go right when we turn into a room, those lines are always the longest. But if you look over to the left, the left-hand side, lines are usually short” Greaves-Gabbadon said.

Bottom line? Demand is high, prices are up. You can’t afford to wait for a sale, so book now. Do not wait until the last minute.