We’re just over a year into the pandemic. Last year, many of us canceled our vacations because of COVID-19.

As vaccines become more available, a lot of us are now ready to get away again for the first time.

“After being cooped up for almost a year I think we’re finally ready to get back out there,” said Melissa Dohmen with Travelocity.

A recent study shows 60 percent of travelers plan to make their first post-pandemic trips this spring and summer. Dohmen suggests easing into things with what she calls “Toe-dip trips.”

“These are short weekend getaways, close to home, often to a familiar destination that really help you rebuild confidence and reacclimate to the travel landscape after having not done it for so, so long.”

If you’re looking for a short getaway in Pennsylvania, Dohmer suggests places like Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the PA Grand Canyon in Tioga County.

“Really try and think about those off the beaten path places, maybe explore those spots in your own home state that you haven’t been to before and maybe haven’t prioritized as much because you had bigger trips on the mind or bigger trips on the horizon…now’s really a great time to check those off the list.”

No matter where you go, Dohmer says the most important tip she can offer is to prioritize your personal safety and comfort level. Also, people will travel even farther away during the summer. As you start making your plans, you need to be flexible.

“You want to leave the door open so if you change your mind you can easily change your trip. That means looking for airfares that have free change fees which is kind of standard right now and has been throughout the pandemic. I think that will likely stay for a little bit longer.”

No matter what your plans are, it’s no secret that many individuals are looking to start branching out again soon. Remember to stay safe, and enjoy your well-earned vacation!