(WHTM) — Everyone should be watching their money, especially these days. The folks at AARP have some easy tips for all of us. They have put together their annual list of 99 Great Ways to Save.

“Even though inflation is starting to come down it doesn’t mean prices are coming down, prices are still increasing. It is on us as consumers to find ways to find discounts,” Neil Wertheimer, Deputy Editor with AARP magazine said.

AARP is back with the 14th edition of its 99 Great Ways to Save. Their team of personal finance experts has spent the year coming up with tips they say can save you thousands. A major place where you can save some cash is at the grocery store.

In fact, there are three things you should do before you even leave the house. First, take stock of what you have.

“We as Americans continue to throw out up to 30% of the food we buy. That’s a lot of money waste. Try not to throw out so much food,” Wertheimer said.

Next, make two shopping lists. One with the food you need for the week and a separate one for the pantry items that are running low, such as toilet paper, cooking oil, and flour.

“You don’t want to buy those until you can get a really great deal, but when you find it..you want to stock up,” Wertheimer said.

Lastly, download your grocery store’s app.

“Two-thirds of grocery stores today now have discounts and deals that are online only which means you can’t get them using coupons or just showing up at the store,” Wertheimer said.

AARP suggests getting gas at a warehouse store like Sam’s Club or Costco, which can be 25 cents cheaper. Use a credit card that gives money back on gas purchases. Or, simply pay with cash, some places can save you five cents a gallon.

But AARP says the best way to save on gas mileage is to lighten to load in your car.

“100 pounds of stuff in your trunk reduces fuel efficiency by 2%. The more you can empty out your car of unneeded weights, the better the gas mileage,” Wertheimer said.

Check your tire pressure. Over or under-inflated tires lose fuel efficiency. One more tip: slow down.

“One study showed that if you’re going 80 miles per hour, you’re being 27% less fuel efficient than if you’re going 60 miles per hour. So accelerate slower, drive a little more sanely, and your gas mileage will jump,” Wertheimer said.

The team at AARP said they are always looking for new saving hacks. But they have timeless household tricks too.

“A mixture of 50% water and 50% vinegar will clean your glass or windows every bit as good as that $6 bottle of window cleaner at the store. So if you balance frugality with the latest tools it’s the very best way to save money over time,” Wertheimer said.

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