Show Me the Money: What to avoid during Amazon Prime Day

Show Me the Money

It’s the biggest shopping event of the summer — Amazon Prime Day kicks off Monday and runs through Tuesday. But not everything is what it seems.

With Prime Day in full swing as well as deal events from Walmart and Target, this is a great time to shop.

But that doesn’t mean everything you see is a good deal. Here are the five things you need to avoid.

First, watch out for no-name brands on Amazon.

“You’ll see brands that you haven’t heard of, you’ll see brands that sometimes, they might be new brands that were introduced to Amazon for an event like Prime Day or Black Friday, WireCutter senior deals editor Nathan Burrow says. “That has happened. Brands will launch in advance of these deal events.”

He says before you buy, make sure you’re getting a viable brand. Do this by checking review sites and customer ratings.

Number two to avoid — deals that aren’t really deals.

“A lot of times when you look at that sale price and you look at that presented price, that’s the full price,” Burrow said. “It’s not an accurate representation of what the everyday price of that item is.”

The average discount to expect during these types of sales is about 20% to 25% off. Price trackers can help you figure out if you’re really getting a true deal.

Number three — avoid overhyped products like air fryers.

“Every year air fryers or another overhyped product like smart toothbrush will be released and we just recommend being cautious of hyped items like that,” added Burrow. “There are alternatives that can give you performance just as good or give you the features you really need instead of something that’s an add-on that you’ll never use.”

Nathan says a convection toaster oven will give you the same performance and won’t clutter your counter.

Number four to avoid — “sending $50 to save $10 good idea or bad idea? It depends on whether you’re a regular shopper of the thing that you’re spending $50 on in my opinion.”

Be careful of these types of deals. Make sure you’re buying something you actually need and you’re not changing your behavior just to get that extra 10 bucks.

And number five to avoid — items that will see bigger discounts after June.

For example, outdoor gear and mattresses just had big sales and will have more around labor day.

The bottom line, there are so many deals coming at you. Don’t get caught up in the hype.

“Assess each sale skeptically, make sure you’re getting the most for your money, and use the tools available to you like price trackers like folks who will find deals for you to get the most out of Prime Day so you don’t walk away feeling disappointed.”

One more Amazon tip from Nathan — during lightning deals you have just a short time to buy. But once you add an item to your cart you have 15 minutes to change your mind. Use that time to do your research on the item’s quality and price.

For more information about Prime Day click here.

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