(WHTM) — UGI Utilities announced on Wednesday, May 17 that its gas rates will not change on June 1, 2023.

The company also announced that rates could decrease in December 2023.

“Natural gas prices have moved lower over the last few months, providing welcome relief for our purchased gas customers,” Paul Szykman, UGI Chief Regulatory Officer, said. “Natural gas provides a clean, reliable, and locally produced energy choice.”

UGI states that it is required to file its gas cost rates on an annual basis for review from the Pennsylvania Utility Commission and may adjust the rates if there are changes in wholesale natural gas prices. By law, utilities cannot earn a profit on the natural gas commodity portion of a customer’s bill.

If UGI’s projected rates for Dec. 1 are approved, the bill for a typical residential heating customer who uses 73.1 hundred cubic feet of natural gas per month will decrease by roughly 12.3%, which is according to the company.

Customers may call UGI at 1-800-276-2722 to receive further information on the proposed rates or to find out what actions they may take.