(WHTM) — When tipping with cash, the process is very simple: just take out how much you want to tip your server and leave it on the table.

When it comes to tipping with a credit card, it can take a little longer than normal for the tip to actually affect you.

WalletHub.com states that tipping with a credit card requires some addition. To calculate a tip with a credit card, they say:

  1. Add the meal cost and your tip together for the total after the server takes the credit card to put the total onto it
  2. Leave the original receipt for the server. They will then complete the transaction, charging you for both the meal and the tip

The percentage of how much you should tip depends on what you think of the service you were given. Sometimes, establishments will do that math for you right on the receipt.

However, unlike cash, it could take a while before the tip and total appear if you are paying with a credit card.

According to Chase Bank, it may take up to one business day for a meal total plus the tip to be processed. Then, it may take another two days for the total amount to switch from pending to completed on to your credit card account.

Discover states that the employee may have to wait until their next paycheck to receive their tip, and some employers even take out credit card processing fees before paying the employee the remainder of the tip.

However, tipping using a credit card is a safe and secure way to tip your server. As long as you don’t mind the little wait it may take to process onto your credit card, tipping with a card might be the way to go.