Cool Car: Mercedes-Benz s580


The styling is so conservative, many people do not realize that they are looking at almost a $150,000 luxury sedan.

Sure, the three-pointed star is a clue. But, overall, the Mercedes- Benz s580 is low-key on the outside. That used to be the case on the inside too, but now more. Even though it’s a bit gaudy for my taste, no one can resist the comfort and luxury.

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Settle into that seat, adjust the massage and soak it all in. Your eyes sweep across the three “D” navigation, augmented reality heads-up display, and too much chrome. The touch screen takes time to master, but it can be done.

You can enjoy the bamboo mood from the cabin fragrance system while studying the owner’s manual. For an extra $6,700, you can get 4-D sound that will rival anything in your house. Of course, for comfort on those long trips, it even comes with these little pillows you can attach to the headrests. Both in the front and in the back.

Speaking of backseats, our review car has about $10,000 options in the back alone. If you forgot your tablet at home, no problem. There’s one built right into the armrest.

The twin-turbo, four-liter V-* has 496 horsepower and a hybrid boost electric motor. Acceleration and handling are very impressive for such a large car. Optional four-wheel steering makes it even better, coupled with standard air suspension.

So for the 2021 Mercedes-Benz s580, I say thumbs up to luxury, excellent power, and very good handling. Thumbs down dor too mu8ch interior chrome, and sky-high price

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