Parents upset over Cumberland Valley requiring prom guests be vaccinated


SILVER SPRING TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — Cumberland Valley School District is under fire for its prom policy this year.

It says students can bring outside guests, but only if they’re vaccinated. Many parents are frustrated and say that’s not fair.

The district wasn’t going to allow any outside guests at first because of safety concerns, but with new CDC guidance, it changed course.

Prom at Cumberland Valley is Saturday night, outside and masks required.

CV students don’t have to be vaccinated, but if they bring a guest from outside the district that person does.

“We’re leaning way too far politically than we are scientifically,” said Kelli Kramer, whose son is a junior at CV.

Superintendent Dr. David Christopher says the change is in response to several seniors asking for that exact policy.

“As regulations relax we have regularly adapted our plans to provide students with a more normal experience,” Christopher said.

11th grader Hannah Bash in neighboring Carlisle doesn’t see the point.

“Everyone else there is from different households, different environments and so are those kids that are guests, so I don’t see a reason why they should have to be fully vaccinated to come to a different school district,” Bash said.

Then there’s the issue of whether the district can ask for proof of vaccination.

“Invasions of privacy, invasions of rights, personal rights, again constitutional rights, you could go hardcore, you could have litigation all over this stuff,” Kramer said.

Christopher says the concern of outside guests was over someone who’s positive for COVID-19 jeopardizing CV students’ chances of taking AP exams, participating in playoff sports contests and more.

“Since we’re in school now, whether it’s two days a week or four days a week, we’re still around each other, masked or not, vaccinated or not and we’re still practicing social distancing to an extent,” Bash said. “People are still in the hallways together. We’re in big groups.”

Kramer says it’s all hypocritical. “I don’t think the school, I don’t think businesses, I don’t think anybody at this point has a right to be hardcore that you do this and you do that,” Kramer said.

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