LEMOYNE, Pa. (WHTM) – If you have found that you’ve “ghosted” yourself this Halloween, there is still time to put together a last-minute Halloween costume!

At a local Goodwill or consignment store, you can find costumes or clothing that you can make a costume for under $15 and fast!

“You can choose from anything here, if you do not want a regular costume you can walk around the store and my employees will be happy to help you put something together,” said Sue Campbell, store manager of Goodwill in Lemoyne.

From actual donated costumes to your everyday shirts, blouses, dresses, pants, and skirts there is something for all ages at Goodwill and at a good price.

“Moneys tight right now, so people come here and get a lot more for their money,” said Campbell.

Costumes and clothing can range from any price, most from $3 to $20 dollars, depending on what you buy and if you put together a costume from the ground up!

“We offer shoes, hats, and so much more. It is all donated and we need more of that too,” said Campbell.

For hours of operation, location, or to donate clothing, click HERE!