HANOVER, Pa. (WHTM) — Half Price Homegoods in Hanover, York County, has been in business for about two years. They’ve made a name for themselves by offering seasonal items for Halloween and Christmas, before offering everyday products.

In the past few months long lines have formed in front of the store for a chance to purchase their latest deal: undeliverable, unclaimed and unopened packages from the U.S. Postal Service and Amazon.

“The Amazon boxes were such a big hit, people like the thrill of the surprise, thrill of the hunt. We were offered a load of returned mail and I thought, hey, this might be worth a try. So, we made a post on Facebook asking if anyone would be interested in doing it and we were overwhelmed with the responses,” said Cody Bentzel, the store’s owner.

The news spread quickly on social media. The line that formed to purchase the mail was over four hours long.

If you missed the last delivery of mail and packages, or didn’t make it through the line in time, Bentzel says he’ll offer more throughout the year. Updates on deliveries will be posted to the store’s Facebook page.

Buying the Amazon boxes is a much quicker process compared to purchasing mail packages. Many customers shake, squeeze and test the weight of a package before making a purchase in hopes they can determine the value of the package.

You won’t strike gold with every package, but to those who buy them that’s not a problem. Ginger Leppo of Hanover says she can always find a home for the items she won’t use.

“I figure whatever it is, if I can’t use it, I’ll donate it to the homeless shelter in Hanover. I had fun doing it and I’ll help someone else out in the end,” Leppo said.