CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — A volunteer organization says that homelessness in Cumberland County is a growing concern.

The group recently went out into the community to conduct the “Point in Time Count,” which helps to give the organization an idea of just how bad the problem is.

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Volunteers took to the streets in January and determined that at least 70 people in Cumberland County were without a home.

Chris Kapp has been taking part in the “Point in Time Census Count” for more than 20 years. Kapp says that ever since the pandemic started, she has seen an increase in the homeless population in Cumberland County.

Kapp also noted that rising rent costs and lower wages have contributed to the problem.

The longer that people are homeless, the harder it can be for them to break free from the cycle.

Kapp and other volunteers are aiming to break that cycle by providing resources like rapid rehousing and emergency rental assistance.

During the count this year, more than 70 people were found without homes and six children were found staying in vehicles with their parents.

“It’s families, it’s whole households, it’s folks who are just like you, just like me, that are dealing with immense amounts of medical debt, loss of jobs, houses that burn down, families are fractured due to domestic violence,” said Kapp.

The federal government has to certify the “Point in Time” numbers. Doing so can help secure funding for the homeless.