NEWVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Stephanie and Hayley Painter are the fourth generation to run their family’s dairy farm.

Stephanie Painter says on the farm they work “symbiotically with the land, animals and the farmer, which is the caretaker of those things, not just extracting but working together.”

Together, the sisters decided it was time to try something new with the milk their farm produced.

“We sat at the old country table that my grandpa made, [and] we’re like.. we’re making skyr,” Stephanie said. Alongside the table was their father and two brothers. “And they’re like, what? skirt? skier? What are you guys making? We’re like, we’re making Icelandic yogurt.”

Skyr is a type of Icelandic yogurt that is high in protein and low in carbs. It is much thicker and creamier in texture than regular yogurt.

While driving down Center Road in Newville, Pennsylvania you’ll find the Reykjavik Creamery, and inside, the two Midstate sisters making Painterland Sisters yogurt.

“We obviously have the purest, most nutrient dense milk. So we wanted to put that milk in the best product we could. We partnered with a 10th generation Icelandic yogurt maker and now here we are.”

The sisters believe this next step for their farm comes at the right time. Stephanie says the yogurt found on the shelves at the grocery store has more sugar and less milk fat, making the product less nutritious. She also believes yogurt became an “on-the-go” snack, rather than a meal, like it’s served overseas.

“In that cup of yogurt, not only do I know where the milk comes from, but I know how that cow was treated. I know how that cow lived. I know what that cow ate, I know how that land was treated to provide the nutrients to the cow.”

The sisters are hopeful this new venture will be a hit with consumers but also allow their family farm to continue to grow for generations to come.