A controversial new program from amazon debuts this week and many privacy advocates and homeowners are horrified. But the good news is you can easily opt-out.

June 8 is the day amazon wants to come into your home a little bit more and we are not talking about opening your door and leaving a package inside. That’s nothing compared to concerns over amazon’s new sidewalk service.

If you and your neighbors have ring video cameras, amazon will share your wi-fi bandwidth with them, to create a network of ring videos and give everyone on your street a stronger wi-fi signal. But privacy groups are sounding the alarm.

Business Insider says “Amazon faces a privacy backlash for its sidewalk feature, which turns Alexa devices into neighborhood wi-fi networks that owners have to opt-out of.”

The non-profit group Mozilla which runs the Firefox web browser doesn’t like that sidewalk will be automatically on when you buy a ring or echo. “That’s not a practice we like. We like it when people are given a chance to opt into services that might be sharing their personal data.”

So from the doesn’t that stink file, the fact that you need to turn this service off if you don’t want your wi-fi linked with your neighbors. You need to go to your ring or Alexa app look for settings then select sidewalk and toggle off the feature. For some people, that could be complicated and that stinks.

Some privacy groups feel the program should be opt-in instead of opt-out, but it probably wouldn’t work if you had to sign up to join. As always don’t waste your money.