Embryo donation offers hope for women to get pregnant


At 42, Tammy Brown is financially secure, has a great career, and owns her own home.

“I was missing something in life and wanted to have a child, so I looked into fertility treatments,” she said.

After five rounds of various treatments, complications, and miscarriages, Tammy still had no luck. She turned to Shady Grove Fertility and opted for embryo donation.

“Advances we have seen recently, things we are talking to patients about specifically is much higher pregnancy rates with our embryo transfers because we can choose the best embryos and most viable embryos,” fertility specialist Dr. Kara Nguyen said.

Nguyen is Tammy’s doctor. She says embryo donation is becoming more popular.

“Patients may elect to choose to donate the embryos that they have from an IVF cycle because they’ve completed their family building and they don’t want to discard the embryos, so they donate them anonymously so another patient may be able to use them for their family building, ” Nguyen said.

“The couple that I chose, they wrote a very nice little message to me, saying they had the opportunity to have two children and wanted to share that joy with other people,” Tammy said. It’s quite a kindness. It shows a lot about the families involved.

Tammy used Shady Grove’s guaranteed shared-risk program that covers embryo donation and other treatments.

“If a patient is qualified for shared risk, whatever that treatment is, if it’s embryo donation, we would guarantee them that they would have a baby by the end of the process, or they would get their money back,” Nguyen said.

No refund for Tammy. She’s expecting.

“It’s a boy. His name will be Maxton,” she said. “I’m not quite sure what the middle name will be. I’m due May 4.”

Tammy has this advice for young women delaying starting a family.

“I was more career-oriented and trying to be independent on my own financially, and if someone would have had the conversation with me sooner, I would have probably looked into taking my eggs and freezing them,” she said.

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