PITTSBURGH, Pa. (WHTM) – All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Dynamite was in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, April 19 at the Petersen Events Center.

The show starts with “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry coming down to the ring and immediately being interrupted by Sammy Guevara.

Sammy was about to speak when Darby Allen interrupts him.

Darby says, “Sammy out of all the pillars, I’ve known you the longest. Out of all three of us standing in the ring, I think to the fans you are the least qualified to fight for the championship. If you want to become world champion you’re going to have to do it on your own because I think Chris Jericho is holding you back.”

Darby says to Jack, “Out of all the pillars you had to work the least hard to get here. Nothing about you intimated me.”

Jack says, ” Looking at the pain all over your face. I see a bunch of little kids with that same paint. All I can think is oh boy if they only knew what you were really like. You’re anti-social, you’re unfriendly, you’re rude to everyone back there. You’re only here because you didn’t make it as a skateboarder.”

“I like you the most,” is what Jack says to Sammy.

“You are just like him (MJF) you were handpicked to be here,” says Sammy to Jack.

The three continue to spit out insults when MJF’s music hits.

MJF says to the Pittsburgh crowd, “Oh no Pittsburgh you don’t like me uhh? Good thing I don’t care what you guys think considering the fact you actually think Britt Baker is talented.”

“Stop fighting over me. There is going to be a pillars tournament and the winner of the tournament gets to face me for the triple B at Double or Nothing. says MJF to the three men in the ring.

MJF picks a name out of a hat to see who gets a first-round bye which is Darby Allen. The first round is Sammy versus Jack happening later that night.

First Match: Jamie Hayter and Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. versus The Outcasts

Britt gets the crowd chanting “DMD” while she takes out all of the Outcasts in her hometown.

The Outcasts turn it around and take out Baker and Hayter. While the ref is looking away Baker gets hit with the championship belt and is pinned, but kicks out at the very last second.

Baker gets one of the Outcasts in a submission forcing them to tap out. The Pittsburgh crowd waves the terrible towels as Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter get the win.

Wardlow has a backstage interview with Renee saying Arn Anderson has his back tonight.

Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, the Elite, and Matt and Nick Jackson are in the ring:

Omega spits out, “I wish I could have taken that screwdriver and used it on your face, Jon Moxley. Blackpool Combat Club (BCC), I want to see you guys in this ring, and let’s settle it like men.”

Bryan Danielson appears on the screen and says, “Who is going to pay to see a monologue by a bunch of amateurs?”

The BCC then attacked the Elite from behind and the fight continues into ringside and “all around Pittsburgh.”

Moxley hits Omega with a death rider when Danielson comes out and says “Exactly what I thought, a bunch of amateurs.”

While the BCC holds Omega to the ground Danielson says, “He needs to be gone,” and pulls out a screwdriver.

Konosuke Takeshita comes out and saves Kenny from the BCC. The Elite has a new member.

TNT Championship Match: Wardlow (with Arn Anderson) versus Powerhouse Hobbs (c)(with QT Marshall)

Two powerhouses start by throwing each other around the ring and hitting big blows. Neither is gaining ground.

The Pittsburgh crowd cheers on Wardlow who gets distracted by QTV’s Harley. QT Marshall hits a cutter on Wardlow, but Wardlow kicks out at two.

The ref ejected QT Marshall and Arn Anderson attempts to take QT out, but QT jumps out of the ring only to see Penta El Zero Miedo standing on the ramp. Miedo hits QT with a kick and sends him back into the ring where he is met with a DDT by Anderson.

Wardlow hits Hobbs with three powerbombs and pins him 1-2-3 to become the new TNT Champion.

Christian Cage immediately comes out with Luchasaurus to call out Wardlow.

Sammy Guevara is backstage with Renee when MJF interrupts and offered Sammy a deal.

MJF offered Sammy a spot in the main event of Double or Nothing if Sammy would just lie down in his match. MJF gave Sammy a blank check to sign and Sammy smiled, signed the check, and hugged MJF.

“Switchblade” Jay White (With Juice Robinson) versus Komander

This is White’s Dynamite in-ring debut.

White and Komander go back and forth with chops to the chest.

Komander goes high flying with a tight rope leap to ringside. The Pittsburgh crowd chants for Komander as he goes to the top rope and hits a tightrope walk shooting star press, but White kicks out at two. Komander continues to hit high-flying moves, but White continues to kick out.

Komander makes one mistake and White hits him with a blade runner and pins him 1-2-3 and White wins his in-ring debut.

Shawn Spears wasn’t impressed with White’s performance. Robinson pulls Spears over the barricade. Ricky Starks comes out running down the ramp and spears Robinson which forces White and Robinson to back away.

FTR is told by Renee that Mark Briscoe was attacked. When FTR gets to Briscoe’s locker room, Briscoe asked them to join him in getting revenge against Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett. They then shook on it.

Chris Jericho and Adam Cole meet in the ring:

Cole starts by saying, “I studied and idolized you, my catchphrase was inspired by Chris Jericho. I do have a ton of respect for you.”

They shake hands.

“Adam Cole Bay Bay! I have absolutely zero respect for you. You are lucky I don’t slap your dumb face right here and right now,” says Jericho.

“Is the real Chris Jericho a maniac who has the J.E.S win his matches for him or is the real Chris Jericho the GOAT the demo god. I think the real Chris Jericho is an insured, fickle, stupid idiot,” says Cole while the crowd begins to chant “stupid idiot.”

Cole and Jericho begin to brawl and the J.E.S come out to assist Jericho.

Baker comes out to help Cole. Baker slaps Jericho. The Outcasts come from under the ring and attack Baker. Cole gets handcuffed to the bottom rope. Jericho is given a kendo stick and proceeds to hit and give it to the Outcasts. The Outcasts begin hitting Baker with the Kendo stick over and over again.

“You see what happens,” yelled Jericho over and over again.

Main event: Sammy Guevara (with Tay Melo) versus Jack Perry

MJF watches from the back saying, “That’s my friend” (talking about Sammy).

Darby watches from the rafters.

The match goes back and forth for over five minutes. Jack is getting counted out at the ringside while Sammy is in the ring. The ref reaches the count of eight when Sammy distracts the ref. MJF comes out of nowhere and hits Perry with his ring.

The ref turns around and counts out Perry leading to Sammy winning. MJF jumps in the ring and celebrates with Sammy. Darby Allen is shown shaking his head at the result. Sammy faces Darby Allen next week on AEW Dynamite