(WHTM) — Stand-up comedian Bill Bellamy is bringing his comedy tour to Harrisburg on Thursday, April 14, at XL Live. But before he made his way to his show, he stopped by abc27 to talk with James Crummel.

“Thank you for having me in your beautiful city (Harrisburg). I’m learning the city. I’m here two days so I’ve been walking around checking out different things,” Bellamy said. “I think it’s really a personal city. It seems like everybody knows everybody, it’s tight. Tight little corners and stuff like that. But, it’s beautiful at the same time.”

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Bellamy was featured all throughout the 1990s. He was a video jockey on MTV and was in films such as “Love Jones” and TV shows like “Kenan and Kel.” He also appeared on HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam.”

“With MTV, what I loved most about being a VJ, which is a video jockey, you know back in the day, was that I had an opportunity to not only present the hottest songs, the hottest artists, but we did it with music presentations. I was literally on TV setting up the video, and then we would go (play the video) and come back and then I would interview you if you’re the new artist,” said Bellamy.

The beauty of that kind of process and presentation?

“People were literally exploding with fame, exploding with record sales. I felt a very important part of the culture,” Bellamy said.

He says it was the best job ever, but now, he’s back on stage as a stand-up comedian.

According to Ticketmaster, each show is different depending on which city he is in, current events, and his own observations and opinions.

“The thing with stand-up is that it’s my first love, it’s the thing I can do in my sleep. Like God gifted me the gift of laughter. I write stuff all the time. The thing that keeps me doing stand-up is the instant feeling when you see people laughing. We need laughter right now,” Bellamy said.

After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bellamy says he just wants to go out there and talk about what we all went through and make people feel better.

“We all went through a rollercoaster ride together. It’s something that everyone in America shared,” he said.

In his show at XL Live, he plans to talk about some of his personal experiences in Harrisburg, overcoming the last two years, families, and relationships.

Watch the full interview and hear what Bellamy has to say about the incident between actor Will Smith and comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars in the video player above.

To get tickets for Bellamy’s show, which starts at 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 14, click here.