(WHTM)– One of Walt Disney’s first-ever cartoons Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse both turn 94 on Friday, Nov. 18.

The date was picked because that is when the famous mouse starred in his very first Disney cartoon: Steamboat Willie, on Nov. 18, 1928. Steamboat Willie has been considered groundbreaking according to the National Museum of American History.

Steamboat Willie was the first cartoon in history to feature sound. The film was only seven minutes long and starred Mickey as a deckhand on a steamship who causes chaos and trouble for the Captain. Minnie Mouse also makes her debut in this short film as Mickey tries to woo her over by serenading her. So, Minnie is also 94 years old.

Since Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse has become one of the most recognized symbols of The Walt Disney Company and one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time.

In 1932, Walt Disney was given a special award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science for the creation of Mickey Mouse.

Encyclopedia Britannica states that Mickey has starred in over 100 cartoon shorts, as well as the basis for the Mickey Mouse Club which first aired in the 1950s. The signature black cap with mouse ears worn by the show stars has become one of the most widely distributed items in merchandising history.

Nowadays, you can visit the famous mouse (and his sweetheart, Minnie) in any of the Disney parks throughout the world. For being 94, the famous mouse doesn’t look a day over 50!