(WHTM) — Kelly Buchanan, leader of the Lancaster-based band Dimestore Dolls, first met Emmy Award-winning musician Adam Schlesinger in New York City. They wrote a song together called “You Are the Fix” about their mutual friend Jody Porter and the adventures — good and bad — they had together.

Schlesinger and Porter were in the band Fountains of Wayne together, perhaps best known for their 2003 song “Stacy’s Mom.” Schlesinger passed away in 2020 from complications of COVID-19. After his death, Buchanan decided to re-record “You Are the Fix” with members of the Dimestore Dolls as well as the three surviving members of Fountains of Wayne. It was, in part, a way to pay homage to Schlesinger, Buchanan said.

In a previous interview with abc27, Porter said he was initially hesitant to record something with his former band members. “I approached it with some sort of caution, I suppose, because it’s like Led Zeppelin getting back together without John Bonham — you’re not going to do it,” Porter said.

But Porter and other Fountains of Wayne members Chris Collingwood and Brian Young did end up contributing to the recording. The music video and new recording of “You Are the Fix” went live on Wednesday. The song also appeared on digital streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes on Friday, May 27, Buchanan said.

The release of the song “is exciting and special to me for multiple reasons,” Buchanan said. “Number one, I loved Adam Schlesinger with all my heart. He was a great friend.”

“It’s really special to have all the members of Fountains of Wayne do it because, first of all, they were all a part of those adventures that we were writing about. Second of all, I feel like I watched them on stage so many times and yet never got on stage to sing with them…so it’s cool all these years later to be doing something collaborative,” Buchanan said.

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Porter plays lead guitar and sings in the new recording of “You Are the Fix,” and Chris Collingwood and Brian Young contributed their voices to the song, as well, with Collingwood even adding some unasked-for multi-part harmonies and putting his own extra twist on the song written by Schlesinger and Buchanan.

Dimestore Dolls members in the song include Christy Engel on drums, Donna Volles on bass, Scott Frenchek on the keyboard, Chris Whalen on guitar, Jeanette Stillman and Mollie Swartz on vocals, and Buchanan on guitar and lead vocals.

The “You Are the Fix” music video can be viewed on YouTube here.

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