CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) — Grit and Gravitas out of Camp Hill is hosted by Anne Deeter Gallaher and Anne Carnathan. Their mission is to help women in business and to shorten their learning curve speaking to high-gear female movers and shakers including Ginger Zee.

“In ‘Natural Disaster,’ that was my first book. I wrote this line I checked myself into a mental health hospital 10 days before I started abc News it’s a big statement,” Zee said.

Then following with her second book called “A Little Closer to Home.” “It’s a dramatic life journey. A lot of traumas and she shares her tools of how she fought to overcome that and live an extraordinary life not,” Gallaher said.

“I am preceded by so many people who have encouraged me to shed my shame and take ownership of my narrative. I’m certainly not the first and I’m certainly not the last but that is what this book is meant to connect,” Zee said.

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“My takeaway is we all have damage. You can’t compare one woman’s damage to another. It’s all relative and how we’re never at a destination,” Carnathan said.

I think our four words that we took away from that were grit, grace, resilience, and hope,” Gallaher said.

The Grit and Gravitas podcast episode with Ginger Zee is out on Tuesday on major podcast platforms.