Bear sighted in several Dauphin County neighborhoods


HIGHSPIRE, Pa. (WHTM) — Marie Hoch loves seeing wildlife in her Highspire backyard and welcomes animals in with open arms most of the time.

“I feed the squirrels and the birds, whatever else wants to eat, but I never expected a bear,” Hoch said. A bear is exactly what she saw Wednesday night.

“I turned the light on and looked and here my garbage can was tipped over and the bear was sitting there having a good time,” Hoch said.

She called police and Officer Troy Elhajj showed up.

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“It was just basically scooping it, he was laying down, scooping it into its mouth so it was kind of funny,” Elhajj said.

Of course, Hoch never expected a bear in her backyard, but Travis Lau with the game commission reminds everyone it’s against the law to feed them.

“When wildlife loses that natural fear they have of people that usually spells trouble for both people and the wild animal,” Lau said. Lau says if a bear has been spotted in your neighborhood, make sure you’re not leaving your pets outside.

“Waiting until the day that trash is picked up, to place trash curbside, to wheel in gas grills, to bring in bird feeders if there are problems in the neighborhood where bears are taking them down,” Lau said. If the food source is gone, then the bears will look elsewhere.

“They’re wild animals number one, but also strong and fast and you don’t want to tangle with a bear and you don’t want your pets to tangle with a bear,” Lau said.

If you do come face to face with a bear, Lau says you’re advised to stand your ground and to never run from a bear because running from a bear can be viewed as a threat. Lau says it’s not necessary to contact them when you see a bear, but if it is being a nuisance in your neighborhood, feel free to give them a call.

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