PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — Spotted lanternflies have emerged in Pennsylvania once again. All Midstate counties are now part of the lanternfly quarantine after Adams County was added this year. More broadly, 45 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties are part of the quarantine.

The invasive lanternflies are spreading throughout Pennsylvania, and since they can’t fly for long distances, they do so by hitching rides with people, explained Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Press Secretary Shannon Powers.

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“They are on your car, and they hitch a ride to a new place on your car or maybe in a backpack if you’ve been out hiking,” Powers said.

So for people traveling from a place that has lanternflies through or to one that does not, there are some places to check before heading out to avoid bringing the pests to new areas.

“Look before you leave,” Powers said. “They do hide in nooks and crannies, and they’ve been shown to hang on when your car’s moving pretty fast.”

Powers says drivers should check their wheel wells and the crevices around their windshield wipers for stowaways. Spotted lanternflies could be inside the trunk or even inside the main cabin of a car if the windows are left down, too.

Lanternflies could also hang out in backpacks or on one’s clothing, so Powers advises checking there, as well.

Spotted lanternflies look different throughout their lifecycles, so Powers says it’s important for people to know what they’re looking for when checking for lanternflies (which could even be lanternfly eggs depending on the time of year).

For people who spot spotted lanternflies, experts recommend squishing or trapping them. The bugs, in addition to being a nuisance, threaten popular agricultural products like grapes, Powers said.