How can I get cicada goo off my car?


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(WHTM) — The cicadas are back, and that means they can leave residue on your car windshield that makes it a dangerous ride.

Reader’s Digest lists a few ways to keep your car sparkling and reduce damage. Cicadas are highly acidic, meaning any residue can wipe off paint and make it unsafe to drive.

One way you can clean your windshield without any harsh chemicals is baby wipes. These are easy to fit in your glove compartment, as well as feminine pads. These are surprisingly an effective windshield fluid substitute, all you do is stick it to your hand and wipe.

For car lights, window cleaner can do the trick, and Reader’s Digest recommends doing it with an old pair of tights or a cloth.

Another DIY way to clean off that cicada gunk is mixing 1/4 cup of ammonia and 1 quart of water to a water tight bottle. Apply it to a sponge and dry with a cloth. Avoid air-drying, it can leave even more residue!

Direct Auto also recommends baby shampoo, vinegar, warm water, and a cloth rag. Put all ingredients in a bucket and scrub it off. You can also use baby oil and scrub it off that way.

Another trick, dryer sheets, and warm water. These are a more gentle option, and you can put the sheet inside a spray bottle and fill it with warm water. Once it’s done setting in the bottle (10-20 minutes), spray it on the car, let that sit, and wipe with a cloth.

While it can be annoying, it’s important to clean your car often to prevent dangerous driving and avoid any car damage these pesky cicadas can bring.

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