Midstate wildlife centers urge removal of lanternfly tape because of injured animals


LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Workers with the Raven Ridge Wildlife Center say they are seeing a high number of animals stuck in lanternfly tape.

The nonprofit is urging the community to remove the tape from their tree trunks and other plants right away.

The wildlife center says the season for the lanternfly tape has come and gone and now it’s time to remove that tape so that animals that utilize trees don’t get hurt.

Founder and director of Raven Ridge Wildlife Center Tracie Young says around this time of year, lanternfly tape is not useful in trapping those unwanted visitors because they can just fly over the traps.

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“A lot of these animals are suffering, and they’re dying being stuck to this tape,” Young said.

Instead of trapping lanternflies, the tape traps other animals who search and crawl on trees for insects to eat but end up stuck on the tape.

“But now this time of year, take it down, we don’t need it.,” Young said

Young says over the course of the year, the non-profit has received about 45 animals for rehabilitation which includes bats, squirrels, woodpeckers, and even a hawk.

The team says while some people who see these animals stuck on tape want to help that can do more harm than good.

“What’s happening are that people are taking them off the sticky tape, they are tearing skin, their feathers are being ripped out bones are being broken so it’s a long process to get these animals off of the sticky tape,” Young said.

Young says it’s important people know how dangerous it can be to have tape left on these trees.

Many animals are beginning to hibernate and build their nests, but can’t do that if they’re stuck.

The nonprofit also says if you see an animal stuck on lanternfly tape the best thing to do is to report it immediately.

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