KLEINFELTERSVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) — The Pennsylvania Game Commission announced that it will be canceling this year’s controlled archery hunt at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.

This is due to an outbreak of hemorrhagic disease across the southeast region, including Middle Creek.

Hemorrhagic disease is a common infectious disease of white-tailed deer in the eastern area of the United States and can cause a large number of deaths during an outbreak. These outbreaks usually occur when deer congregate at water sources during the driest part of late summer and early fall.

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While the game commission can not guess on the outcome of this particular outbreak, the potential for a large number of, deer that will die remains high. canceling the hunt will enable the commission to assess the total impact of the outbreak on the Middle Creek deer population.

The release states that the future of Middle Creek’s late-season flintlock and archery hunt is still pending at this time.